You are number

I have created a list of cites in India I plan to visit on my Destination page.. It is not a final list, But it is a good start.

All though some on the list may get bumped most are musts

 Also if you have been to India and can suggest some spots, I certainly would love to hear from you

I feel two big problems in life are...Time and Routine. We have very little time on our journey and know time for routine.

I think every one at one time should travel and and learn first hand about the planet they live on

My  departure date is August 31st 2015


my hope for this web site is
It will be a source for information about extended travel or relocation to countries around the world for my age group. Also a free resource for fine photography.

Aloha and welcome to my quest!

 I am a 60 year old guy out to bum around my world, on damn near nothing. My first and most important destination

for me will be India. The trip of a lifetime!

I created this site to share my adventure with anyone who wants to ride along. So bum along with me to India
Shukriyaa, Thanks in Hindi

India Or Bust!

Steve Young

to visit  and follow my progress.